Young boy plays with married cousin sister’s big boobs – Hot story

Young boy plays with married cousin sister’s big boobs – Hot story

I am Georgy Nair (stage name), 27 years old male studying at a reputed institute in Chennai. I was born and raised in a typical south Indian middle-class family. I am still a virgin desi chudai ki kahani (unlike many others of my age) but have many fantasies since my teenage.

I have been a regular visitor to the ISS website and have finally decided to share my fantasies on this platform during the lockdown. This is my first attempt and I request you’ll to forgive me for any mistakes.

The heroine of the story is my cousin sister (father’s sister’s daughter-in-law), Lakshmi (stage name). When she was married and joined our family, I was only 7 years old. She loved me and also lived very close to our house. I used to meet her at least once a week and she was an excellent cook.

I had no sexual feelings towards her initially. Let me describe her. She is a short woman (around 5 feet), medium complexion, and on the heavier side. When she hugs me, her head reaches only till my chest.

My cousin sister has a huge ass and heavy boobs and at least in my eyes, a crazy fat figure to die for. I cannot give her measurements as I myself do not understand how to describe a woman by their size. My interest in milfs started because of her.

My cousin brother was a cameraman who was often away due to outdoor shootings and recordings. During one such instance in hot summer, Lakshmi was ill and requested my mother to send me to help her visit the doctor. I was 19 years old then.

After the visit to the doctor, we returned to her house. She had fever and body pains and the doctor had suggested bed-rest. I brought food from my home and decided to stay back for the night at her place. My cousin always treated me as her son and was happy that I was there to help her.

After dinner, I gave her medicines and told her to go to sleep. I decided to sleep on the sofa in the living room. She denied and convinced me to sleep on her bed with her as that room had air conditioning.

Lakshmi was in her nightie (one-piece dress generally worn by south Indian women at home) and I was in my t-shirt and track pants. The atmosphere of the room was excellent. The air-conditioning was drying my body sweat from before and giving me slight chills.

The room was dark and a small beam of light from the street entered the room. Because of the medicines, Lakshmi dozed off very soon. She was sleeping on her side and her cleavage was visible very clearly! I had an instant hard-on!!

The cleavage between her large breasts was shining in the dim light. I was feeling to just put my face there and maul them vigorously.

I adjusted my cock and pulled my pants till my knees inside the bedsheet. At this moment, my married cousin sister turned and slept straight facing the roof. I noticed that her boobs now moved away from each other suggesting that she did not wear any bra. I took this opportunity and placed my palm on her left breast pretending to be asleep.

Even after a few seconds, I did not get any reaction from her. This made me bold and I slightly slid my hand inside the nightie.

I touched her bare breasts as she was not wearing any bra and was amazed by the feeling. I literally had goosebumps on my hands and legs. This was my first touch of a woman’s private parts. My cock was absolutely rock hard and struggling in my underwear.

With my other hand, I freed my cock and it formed a tent in the bedsheet.

I slowly started moving my hand over the breast and reached the nipple. I could feel the nipple and was cold due to the air conditioning. I took my palm and cupped her breast. It was huge and did not fit completely in my hand.

I started slowly massaging the breast and stroking myself with the other hand. I moved towards her with some difficulty and shifted my hand on the other breast.

After some time, I was mauling them both vigorously and pinching the nipples. I did not get any reaction from her and she was still in deep sleep. This might have been the effect of the medicines.

Now I got up and placed my legs on either side of her and was on top of her. I rested my legs making sure not putting any weight on her body, started sniffing her cleavage. The body aroma due to the condensed sweat was making me mad.

On top of her nightie only, I placed my mouth and with both hands started pressing her boobs on my face. This was similar to motorboating (kindly search it online and definitely try it on your partner for the amazing feeling).

Now I slowly lifted one of her hand and started sniffing her armpits and could easily feel the hairy armpit due to the short sleeves of the nightie. The weird body smell made me crazy. I started jerking very fast in the same position on top of her.

I could no longer resist the smell of her armpit and ejaculated on top of her dress. The force was so huge that some fell on her boobs as well.

Then, I moved aside and slept beside her facing the roof. I was smiling and had some kind of satisfaction within which was unknown to me until then. Even though I had jerked off many times, the feeling of ejaculating on that day was very different.

I wore my pants and slept peacefully next to her not bothered about the consequences of my action.

The next day morning, I woke up to my cousin sister giving me bed coffee. She was still wearing the same nightie and I could see the dried cum marks on it.

I could not see directly in her face due to my last night’s actions and asked how she was feeling. She said that her fever and body pains had subsided but her breasts were paining and were red. I smirked and said maybe it was the side effects of the medicines.

I will stop the story here. I know that there is no real sex/fucking in this part. As this is my first attempt, I wanted to gauge the audience’s response.

Based on your response, I will improve my writing and come up with stories of many fantasies that I have.

I request any interested single, married women to contact me on for chats. I myself am not sure if I can help you’ll sexually as I am a virgin but will definitely help you’ll jerk happily.

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