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Story of how the end of the world effects Suraj and his masi

Story of how the end of the world effects Suraj and his masi

Previous Part: My Aunt And I Are The Last Humans Left At The End Of The World – Part 1

As the day went on, I could not stop thinking about my masi’s magical touch on my chest. Her naughty smile and the language she used with me. For the first time, she talked dirty to me. She used the word ‘masturbate,’ and I had a constant erection thinking about it.

I wanted to have sex with her, and I wanted it badly. I did not just want to have sex with her. I was in love with her. As I was lost in my thoughts, my aunt came to me and sat beside me. She had changed to her normal shorts, which exposed her bulky thighs and smooth shaved legs and a sleeveless top.

She always wore a sleeveless top, and her shaved underarms looked beautiful. She sat and said, “I’m really bored, Suraj. What should we do?” I replied, “Yeah, masi. I am bored as well.” She said, “Well, let’s just sit and gossip then?” I said okay, since I loved talking to her.

I just wanted to sit and talk with her while looking at her beauty. She asked me, “Beta, how did the human race start? And how did it get so big?” I told her that the first two humans were Adam and Eve. They were the ones who must’ve made new babies. Then their babies would have made more babies and so on.

She said, “What? But technically, their children were brother-sisters, right? How was that okay?” I understood where this was going. So I decided to slowly seduce her without letting her know what was going inside my mind.

I laughed and said, “You’re right. But that was a long time ago. They didn’t know what brother-sister or family was. They just roamed around naked and looked for food in the forests.”

My aunt laughed and agreed to me. There was a pause for some time, and I could see that something was going in her mind. I wanted this. I also had thought about this. That since we are the only humans, we would have to be the new adam and eve. I loved her and wanted it so bad.

After some time, I suddenly got a brilliant idea. I jumped up with excitement and hugged my aunt. She startled and said, “What happened?” I said, “Masi, you’re bored, right? So do you want to watch a movie?”

She got amazed and said, “Obviously, beta! But how? We do not have electricity.” I said, “Masi, I’m smarter than you think I am.” And gave a smile. I asked her to follow me.

I picked up my laptop and other gadgets we had and walked outside. My aunt was following me with great excitement and curiosity. I went outside, did some things with the wires, and connected them to the car battery. Everything started to charge, and she jumped with happiness.

She hugged me very hard and gave me a tight kiss on my cheek and said, “Wow, my tiger! You are really smart, aren’t you!”  I laughed. We went inside and prepared some snacks until the laptop was charged. Then she asked me, “What movie are we gonna watch?”

I said, “Well, the internet’s not working, so we would have to watch a movie from my downloaded collection.” Most of the movies I had were semi-adult. They weren’t complete porn. But had a few sex scenes. But I still had a separate porn folder which was filled with amazing porn.

I asked her what type of movie she wanted to watch. She said that she wanted to laugh and have fun. So we decided to watch a comedy movie. I plugged the laptop to the speakers, and then we sat on the sofa, and I started the movie.

We were sitting really close and were almost cuddling. We were very excited since we were both watching a movie after so long. The movie went on. We both laughed, and I loved looking at my aunt laugh. There were a few adult scenes in the middle as well, where we both just smiled.

The movie was over by evening, and I closed the laptop and put it on charging. My aunt was still very happy and said, “Ahh Suraj! You are so awesome!! I will reward you and make you some yummy dinner!” I was very happy. She made delicious Chinese food for dinner.

We decided to watch another movie while eating. This time, we chose a romantic story. We decided to watch it in our bedroom so that we could sleep after watching the movie. Like normal, I was not wearing my shirt and was only wearing my boxers.

My aunt also said, “Suraj, just wait a minute. I’ll go change to my lingerie so that I can sleep directly after watching the movie.” I said okay and waited for her. After some time, she entered the room. I looked at her, and she was looking so beautiful. I smiled and said, “This lingerie really suits you!”

She smiled back, and then we started watching the movie. The romantic scenes gave me a hard-on in between. I simply changed my position so that the erection was not visible. But I’m pretty sure my aunt noticed that. After the movie was over, I was really sleepy, so I went to sleep instantly.

When I was half asleep, my aunt simply came after closing the laptop and kissed me on my cheek while saying, “Goodnight, my tiger!” I mumbled, “Goodnight, masi.”

The next morning, I woke up a bit early by chance and noticed that my aunt was already gone. I felt sad since I did not get the chance to gaze at her sexy body. I decided to go out. But as soon as I was going to open the door, I heard moans. I was in extreme shock. Was she masturbating?

I checked if she had locked the door from outside, and she had not! This might be because I usually wake up late. I was so happy, but I controlled my excitement. I slowly opened the door a little without making noise. She was sitting on the couch and in front of her was my laptop.

She had found my porn folder and was watching porn while masturbating. I could only see the laptop as the couch was facing back to me. I could see the back of her head from the top of the couch. I wanted to see her. I wanted to watch her naked, but I couldn’t.

I controlled my feelings and decided to lie on the bed and masturbate as well. After masturbating while thinking of my beautiful aunt and having an awesome orgasm, I slept again. I was then woken up by my aunt’s soft touch on my chest. I opened my eyes, and she was there with breakfast and tea.

She kissed me on my cheek and said, “Good morning, tiger!” and laughed. I loved it when she called me a tiger. I smiled and wished her a good morning. We both ate together and then talked for some time in the balcony. After that, she asked me, “Suraj, what are our plans for today?”

I said, “Masi, maybe you can teach me how to drive, and then we might even go for some long drives?” She said, “Wow! That’s a really nice idea, tiger!” and laughed. We both sat in the car. I got reminded of the porn video in which a couple enjoyed sex while sitting in the car.

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I started to get an erection, so I quickly pushed it down and sat in a position so that it wouldn’t be visible. After hours of lessons, I was finally able to learn how to drive, but it was already afternoon. So we decided that we would go to Goa and start our trip tomorrow.

After talking a lot and passing the time, it was finally night. We were lying on the bed. My aunt turned to me and was really happy. She had kept her hands on my chest. I was looking at her.

She said, “It’s gonna be so fun! The whole beach would be empty! Ok, let’s sleep now and then we’ll wake up in the morning and quickly pack.” I said ok, and then we slept.

I woke up in the middle of the night with an erection. So I decided to shag off using my laptop and went to the bathroom. While opening my porn collection, I checked the video history. I saw that my aunt had seen aunt-nephew porn that I had downloaded long before.

I did not have a lust for her back then. I just liked watching family people fuck each other. I was happy since I knew my seduction was working on her. After shagging off, I went to bed again and lay down. My aunt moved in sleep and kept her hand on my chest. I loved her soft touch on me and instantly slept.

The next morning, we both woke up quickly and started packing with excitement. Masi showed me a bikini and said, “Suraj, look at this! I’m gonna pack this as well. I never got to wear a bikini. So I  picked it up from the mall.”

I smiled and said, “It looks awesome, masi. Pack sunscreen as well or your soft fair skin will get tanned!. She gave me a naughty smile and nodded. After packing and keeping a lot of food, we finally sat in the car, and I started driving. My aunt played songs from my laptop, and we both kept on singing.

Then it became dark, and we decided to stop at an awesome luxurious 7-star hotel that came in our way. Goa was far from our place. So it was going to be a 2-days journey. We entered and were amazed by the beauty. We simply picked up a key from the empty counter.

I asked, “Should we sleep in different rooms or a single one?” She gave me an angry look and said, “What?! Why do you want to sleep in a different room? Don’t you like sleeping with me?”

I laughed and said, “I love sleeping with you, masi.” She gave me a naughty smile, and I smiled back. I picked up a master bedroom key. We went to the room while picking up some chocolates and cakes on our way from the hotel bakery.

When we opened the door, we were amazed by the view. It was so big and beautiful, the bed was so soft and the washroom, oh my god. It had a bathtub as well. My masi was so happy to see the bathtub and said, “Let’s hope that the water supply is still on.”

She went and opened the tap, and then water started coming. She jumped with joy, and I could see her boobs jiggling through her top. I was really happy as well. She came running and hugged me in joy, and I tightly hugged her back. She said, “I’m going for a bath now, ok?”

I said, “Yeah, masi, sure!” I watched some porn and then looked outside while she had a bath. Then she came out. Her hair was wet, and she was just wearing a bathrobe. My mouth was open, and I was amazed and was staring at her beauty.

She smiled and said, “Go and have a bath, my tiger! And then come quickly to sleep. You drove the whole day, and you must be very tired ” I went and lay in the bathtub. I filled it with hot water, and I felt so good. I was imagining having sex with masi in the bathtub and got an erection.

I jacked off and then flushed the water out. I went outside and found my masi lying on the bed. Her hair was still wet, and she had changed to her night lingerie. She looked at me and said, “Had fun?” I said, “Yeah! That bathtub was really fun. We will find a hotel which has a bathtub in Goa as well.”

She said, “Yes. And don’t you dare sleep in a different room,” while laughing, and I laughed back. Then we both talked for a while. Masi had kept her hands on my chest. I loved talking to her and gazing at her beautiful face. We both fell asleep in that position itself, closely cuddled.

That’s all for this part. I and my aunt’s relationship has slowly started to take a faster romantic pace. I will continue this story in the next part. Hope you loved it! Stay tuned for the next part.

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